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Featuring exercises that target women’s health issues and alleviate the symptoms of menopause, this is a practical manual that nurtures and empowers women at every stage of their lives.

Features 500 full-color photographs, healing remedies, tips, and inspiring true stories
Perfect for women from every stage of life
Provides the solution to staying flexible, healthy, and youthful at any age

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“Ladies, this one’s for you. The first paragraph includes the words “Yoga and women go together like tea and toast. It’s a cozy, homey fit.” The book features the usual clear DK design: lots of photos, tip boxes and a consistent color design (in this case, a delightful mix of lavender, pink, and blue). There are sensible tips on diet, breathing, and the menstrual cycle. With her warm, confiding tone, the author describes using yoga to guide one through pregnancy, PMS, and the hormonal riptides of menopause. (Khalsa considers her daily yoga practice and meditation—primarily Kundalini but also Hatha—her life’s “greatest blessings.” Her enthusiasm leads you to believe her.) She also touches on the seven chakras (“unseen energy sources,” as she describes them) and the importance of ending one’s yoga practice with at least five minutes of meditation. But the absolute best sections of the book are not from Khalsa. She includes short, effective narrations from a variety of women from around the world who talk about stress, illness, the reality of being a mother, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, PMS, and how yoga has helped them transform their lives. Their testimony cements the books’s efectiveness. Clearly, Yoga for Women is not part of the athletic journey to power that some hip teachers now promise. But for a beginning female student of any age, this possibly the most accessible guide on the market. One might say that Shakti, the eternal feminine force of yoga, rules.” USA Today

“Khalsa, an accomplished yoga practitioner and teacher, instructs the novice in dozens of basic yoga positions (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas) and meditations from her own harmonious blend of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Although there are over 200 postures in Hatha practice, Khalsa focuses on those benefiting women’s concerns, among them menstruation, breast care, pregnancy, birth and menopause. Step-by-step instructions accompanied by color photographs allow even confirmed klutzes to manage sun salutations, Downward Dog, Crow and the Wheel. Readers are also tempted with recipes for drinks such as Golden Milk, made with the Indian spice turmeric, and beauty treatments such as the Papaya Face Mask or a yogurt bath. For those who need more encouragement to stretch their limbs, Khalsa includes testimonials by women who cite the life-changing powers of yoga. After browsing through the pages of Khalsa’s accessible book, even the most yoga-phobic may be inspired to take a position.” Publisher’s Weekly

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