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The Five Fingered Family is a warmly told folktale that comes alive as you read about family unity and the strength it will bring to people. Throughout this book, you can hear the voice of the storyteller from India who vividly shares about the two families who face fear. The Angulee family is solidly based in the spirit of cooperation and thrives during stressful times. The selfish members of the Lobhas family remind us of the desperation that can result from living in a self-centered world. The images evoked are highlighted by the captivating illustrations that reflect the culture of India.This book tells of one of civilization’s great principles: those who live cooperatively in peace and with hope can flourish. Conversely, those who are selfish must learn to work together in order to survive. Life’s opportunities vary, and our greatest treasure is to be unified for the good of humanity. As a Montessorian, this book is a valued contribution to cultural studies. The Five Fingered Family reinforces the concept of living in peace and harmony, which is the underlying precept of the Montessori method.
Teri Canaday, Director of the Montessori Center of Jackson, Inc., Consultant for the American Montessori Society.

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“Former Montessori teacher Shakta Kaur Khalsa does an excellent job of taking this legend and making it accessible to modern readers. The illustrations by Siri-Kartar K. Khalsa are absolutely superb. Rendered in the 18th century Moghul style, the paintings are colorful and vibrant. The people are dressed in the style of the Punjab, and their faces vividly reflect the emotions of the story. Parents can use this story both to teach lessons about other cultures, as well as to talk about the important concepts of family unity and teamwork. Highly recommended.” The Writer’s Write review

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