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As modern as it is ancient, yoga is one of the most widely practiced forms of exercise in the world. Yoga promises–and delivers–relaxation in place of stress, insight in place of negativity, and courage in the face of conflict. Yoga changes your life where it counts–from the inside out! The KISS (Keep It Simple Series) Guide to Yoga was written with the beginner in mind, yet those who practice yoga will find gems among the topics, which include:

The roots of yoga
How yoga works
Sensitizing to your energy centers
Sampling Hatha Yoga
Movement and Breath: Vinyasa Yoga
Raising the energy with Kundalini yoga
Health tips from the yogis
Portable yoga for everyday life
How prayer and chanting work
The meditation practice of simply being

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Dear Shakta, I have just now had a chance to look at your new book and I am very impressed. It’s wonderful! You cover a lot of very valuable and deep information in a very accessible format. The book is interesting, easy to read and “light”. I’m not sure what other word to use. It’s not tedious or threatening. What a marvelous thing you have done. I think (and hope) it will have a huge audience. Marilyn Carr, Expanding Light Center, Ananda Yoga

“The KISS Guide to Yoga has become the number one seller among 30 titles in the KISS Series. Congratulations!” From Jennifer Williams, Chief Editor of KISS

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