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A comprehensive collection of yoga, meditation and breathing games presented in a joyous, creative way that is guaranteed to entice children from young to youth into a fun-filled romp with yoga. Over 160 duo-tone photos of children between the ages of 3-9.

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“Parents with young children will quickly discover this gem on library shelves. Khalsa, a Kundalini teacher, helps parents get youngsters involved in healthy activities by introducing them to animals and adventures through exercises like the spider stretch, bear walk, or fish pose; controlled breathing; and even relaxation techniques.”
– Library Journal

“The author has taken the task of teaching to heart in that she demonstrates a commitment to yoga and a knowledge of how to entice children to learn. Rather than providing a monotonous list of postures, Khalsa uses the poses to tell a story—one is about a mountain, others take us on an animal adventure. Instructions for poses are imbedded in the story lines. Another terrific feature of this book is that it address the mind. Why not ask a child to go inward and explore who it there? Why not introduce the teacher within? My six-year old daughter enjoyed breathing away thoughts she didn’t like and we both liked the idea of having a cookie under the meditation seat to remind us that meditation is sweet.”
– Yoga International Magzine

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