Breath is the sail
lifting limbs upward
outward, onward.

Deep, deliberate breath rushes
into spaces where life has been forgotten.
And lungs, shoulders, heart feel
the light of day once again.

Gravity’s pull gone as ribs and pelvis go
their separate ways.
Stretching like an upturned smile, the body
celebrates newfound freedom.

The earthy feel of pubis and inner thigh
pressed to the floor—
not only grounding but
soothing, sensual
pleasing and private.

Breathing, extending
as far, as high and as long
as the body is willing to go.
We stay…we sail…the body and me.

One more deep breath held within
the cage of bones, then
the wind dies down and the boat
settles on the shore.
Unwound muscles spread…
a glorious puddle on the floor.

In the midst of letting go,
release begins.
Up from caverns deep and heavy,
somewhere inside the gut, the root,
squeezing always upward,
the primal press
swiftly passing belly, heart
pushing through open throat.
Unconstrained, it rushes
out from the slacked mouth–
part growl, part moan,
part war cry.

I know this sound.
It is the world.
It is my mind.
The grinding agony of life as is,
of a world in ignorance of the love
that is held within these bones,
muscles, heart, belly.

Realization comes…
I am not immune,
I am also this world.
Every moment not awake
Is spent sleepwalking.

Thought comes…..
I know better.
Humanity knows better–
For God’s sake, a baby knows better!

I am that baby now, resting
on my mother the earth–
breast to breast, belly to belly,
face to one side.
I am temporarily sated with
the scent of release.

A bit acrid
But sweet nonetheless.