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After Gravity…..Before the Stars

Feeling an urge for the magnificent, she closes the door behind and pulls her eyes up to the night sky. Trembling and deep, a singular breath breaks the quiet.   Stars cradle the night. glimpsed between the moody thicket of clouds. She can feel them. She does not need to see them to know just how they embrace the earth. [...]

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In the “Real World”

Watching to praise that Godness in everyone. Looking to see, listening to hear, touching to feel a swiftly glimmering night-light awareness of Truth. Some chance of cosmic, infinite, all-wise, all-inclusive, all-expanding LOVE unlimited by little person “i”, of childhood, adolescent, and unadulterated adult experiences that tell us nothing about the God God God’s world… hard hard hard to be here [...]

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The Boat…The Release…The Gratitude for Yoga

Breath is the sail lifting limbs upward outward, onward. Deep, deliberate breath rushes into spaces where life has been forgotten. And lungs, shoulders, heart feel the light of day once again. Gravity’s pull gone as ribs and pelvis go their separate ways. Stretching like an upturned smile, the body celebrates newfound freedom. The earthy feel of pubis and inner thigh [...]

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For the Convenience of Naming

Something has disappeared that was no good after all. In a late night happy-tired stretch she sees she’s just the same she that she’s always been, and she feels will always be. Not a teacher, not a writer, not a spiritual person, not wearing this religion or waving that flag, not even a mother or wife, not nothing not something [...]

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