I am Shakta Khalsa. What I’d like you to know about me is that I am first and foremost a seeker of what is true and real and good in life. I am not unrealistic or idealistic. My intention is not to put on blinders against what I don’t like. I have found time and again that putting on blinders mean there is fear, and fear holds the feared thing in place.

Instead I am discovering how to allow things to be as they are…a novel idea! And I consistently find that in the resting place created by “allowing”, the next new place moves me into it. Of course, all this is happening internally and in the wink of an eye! That is part of what makes living as a conscious human being so much fun.

I have done a lot of experimenting in my life. I am my own laboratory, it seems. I love to share these internal discoveries. There is great joy in the sharing of awareness with you and those like you. Together we create something fresh, and experience the extraordinary right inside the ordinary.

I know I have been blessed with an ability to express through teaching and writing, so it is only natural that I have been a writer of some sort–of poetry and journals for all my life, and for the past few decades, a writer of blogs and books too.

I have been known in the world as a person who champions children through yoga, natural living skills and lifestyles. I love to speak, write, and teach about children because they are who I am in my heart. I often feel they are my reason for being on this planet.

But beyond any job or mission I may call my Life Work, I am first and foremost, a Seeker…and a Finder.

A more traditional bio of me follows, in case that is of interest to you. I hope you enjoy your visit, and feel free to share your thoughts and feelings here.


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